focus ortho cutting edge technology

Online consultation scheduling

  • Seamlessly integrates with schedule templates to show available new pt exam appointments in real time
  • Patients are automatically added, and the appointment is scheduled with no staff involvement
  • Website Scheduling screen is customized with office logos and colors
  • Easily integrates with any website or online advertising
  • After appointment is scheduled both patient and staff receive customized e-mails
  • Automatically tracks online sources and even specific campaigns in the patient record

Virtual Check-In 

  • Allows patients to check in for appointments from their car
  • Screens can be customized to reflect the offices unique COVID-19 protocols
  • When completing check in patient enters phone number so staff can communicate directly

enhanced aligner charting 

  • Fully integrated aligner charting allows for tracking of current aligner, attachments, and elastic use
  • Tracks multiple aligner series and automatically shows the remaining aligners in a series
  • Can be linked to patient status to automate the treatment chart view for an individual patient

smart scheduling

  • Scheduling templates can be assigned and modified at any point
  • Allows user to assign alternate appointment types to a single template item
  • Create longer appointments by combining shorter appointments
  • Divide longer appointments into shorter appointments when necessary
  • Search appointments on a daily or list view for maximum flexibility
  • Full drag and drop scheduling with intuitive resizing and editing
  • Track status of appointments directly from the schedule

integrated e-mail and text reminders

  • Automatically send custom e-mail and text reminders for appointments
  • Appointment reminders include a link for confirmation that immediately updates in Focus Ortho
  • Automate appointment follow ups, payment reminders and virtual check in
  • Create custom templates to easily print and e-mail letters directly from the program
  • Letters can be linked to appointments to automatically generate based on scheduling or completing an appointment

internal messaging system

  • Allows staff to communicate directly within Focus Ortho
  • Keep a history of internal communication that can easily be reviewed
  • Integrates with the Check-in system to communicate arrival of a patient
  • Integrates with Virtual Check-in to communicate phone number for appointment


  • Store images in the Focus Ortho Cloud Image Repository
  • View images through the patient’s Digital Treatment Chart
  • Add custom Image Types
  • Add custom Image Layouts
  • Add images to Letters from Focus Imaging


  • Integration with Change Healthcare
  • File Claims Electronically
  • Electronic Claim Status
  • Enter insurance payments to multiple patients from a single screen
  • Supports multiple insurance accounts on a single patient
  • Track insurance delinquencies quickly from an interactive report
  • Transfer balances between patient and insurance companies

Enhanced Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • Use Scripts to enter custom diagnosis and treatment plan information with Doctor and Patient answers
  • Answers from Scripts can be merged to create diagnosis and treatment plan notes
  • Create custom letters to patients or referring doctors from Scripts answers

integrated appliance Tracker

  • Track status of appliances by attaching them to a delivery appointment
  • View by status and mark when appliances are ordered and received
  • Direct integration with Easy RX seamlessly transfers patient and appointment information
  • Set appointment types to require an appliance when scheduling

appointment tracking

  • Track appointment status and patient location from a single screen
  • Assists patient flow
  • Increases productivity
  • Changes color based on priority
  • Emergency notification if Doctor is needed immediately

Focus Payment Plan (FPP) Accounting

  • Setup automatic billing through bank accounts or credit cards
  • Payments can be setup to bill on any day and in any interval
  • Receipts and denials are automatically delivered to patients via e-mail
  • Integrated solution will not allow an account to be charged more than is due on the contract even if the patient pays in advance.
  • Search for transactions based on custom date ranges
  • Quickly find denied/returned payments
  • Rebill denied transactions with 2 mouse clicks and no additional setup
  • Easily change/update credit card or bank account information

patient Check-in

  • Web based interface provides ultimate flexibility
  • Check in from Windows PC or Mac, iPad, Windows tablet, Android tablet
  • Customizable with office logo

Patient Portal

  • Customizable logo and “Welcome” image
  • Custom office theme colors
  • Allows patients to confirm upcoming appointments and reprint excuse slips
  • There are Pre-set online forms that can be viewed from within Focus
  • Shows current account balances and allows for printing, of ledgers and payment receipts
  • Provides for online payments from bank accounts or credit cards

Attachments stored Directly to the cloud

  • Scan documents directly the patient’s record
  • Attach any file that can be launched directly from Windows
  • Create custom web links that can be launched with a double click
  • All attachments are stored on the cloud and backed up with all other data
  • Access attachments directly from the treatment chart, patient ledger or notes screen

support Multiple E-mail Accounts

  • Store e-mail addresses for patients, related parties and referring doctors.
  • Easily add a unique e-mail when sending a communication
  • Supports the ability for each user to send from their individual e-mail
  • Can define global e-mails and assign them to automated reminders by default

Marketing and link Options

  • Automatically launch Marketing related sites like office Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts from within the software
  • Custom web links accessed with a single click from the Icon Bar
  • Use for most frequently accessed websites


  • API available for seamless integration with numerous systems
  • Twain acquire supported for integration with virtually any digital x-ray
  • Any file that can be launched directly in windows can be stored and launched in Focus Ortho
  • Integrated word processor eliminates the need and cost of Microsoft Word
  • SMTP support allows integration with all major e-mail services