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Focus Ortho introduces hassle-free scheduling and treatment planning. Appointments are quick and easy to make and treatment charting can be customized to fit your needs. Have multiple offices with multiple doctors? No problem. With Focus Ortho multiple office schedules are available using a simple drop-down. Need to quickly view the digital treatment chart? No problem, Focus Ortho delivers a quick snapshot of all the pertinent treatment information.


You can easily create appointments with a single mouse click. The intuitive interface allows you to navigate between multiple office schedules using a drop-down. Effortlessly drag and drop within the schedule to move and resize appointments. An interactive calendar shows available appointments on future days and when the office is closed. Hover over an appointment to see an image of the patient, their name, ID number, balance, and all future appointments.


Focus Ortho automatically creates a treatment history by posting all patient appointments directly to the chart. During patient checkout, you can quickly create notes and enter information for the next appointment. Right-click to add additional notes when the patient is not in the office. Click on patient images to view a slideshow at chairside. The progress meter gives a quick view of the patient’s treatment progress and financial status. At the end of the day, All treatment data is locked from future editing, for a secure digital record.


Create notes for the current appointments, define future appointments, and track patient progress from a single screen. A pull-down list of wires and elastics makes data entry efficient. Focus Ortho defaults to the next expected appointment and interval.

Easy pull-down interface allows you to create a graph that tracks patient compliance in the following categories:

  • Oral Hygiene
  • Appointments
  • Elastics
  • Additional Appliances
  • Breakage