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EFFICIENT, Streamlined Interface

Focus Ortho’s revolutionary interface enhances the user experience.  It allows you to see all patient data from a single screen, customize the look and feel for each individual user, and access data at a remarkable pace. When using Focus Ortho your staff will be more productive and happier thanks to its ease of use.

Easy Patient Account access

Once a patient is open, the individual tabs provide quick access to multiple areas of patient information.

Single patient data screen

All patient data is available from a single screen. There are separate areas for treatment history, financial ledgers, notes, insurance information, letters, communication history, diagnosis, and custom forms.

Universal Search

Focus Ortho allows you to search for patients and related parties by name, phone number, patient ID, and even social security number, all from a single field.

Right-click Menu

Extensive use of right-click functionality gives you easy access to powerful features while creating an interface clear of clutter and confusion. Right-click from anywhere to see what functions are available. Focus Ortho does not force you to open multiple windows to navigate to alternate areas of the patient record.

Dynamic, Sortable Lists

Sort, group, rearrange, add, or remove fields by simply clicking on the column headers. Each customized view is automatically saved for individual users. Now your financial staff can have different views than your clinical staff.

Powerful Notes Section

Easily create notes that alarm on patient open, clinical alerts, or notes that alarm when insurance is accessed. Users can create any number of note categories for easy sorting. Notes automatically keep track of who created or edited them.

Integrated TIMECARD

Keep track of staff time using the integrated timecard functionality. Built-in reports allow easy access to data for payroll.

Diagnosis Section

Focus Ortho’s simple question-and-answer interface walks you through all the steps of creating a diagnosis.

Comprehensive Change Log

Every change you make appears on the ChangeLog. Use it as the ultimate undo button!