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Do you want a quick snapshot of where your patient is financially? The unique Snapshot view of patient and insurance financial data for each patient allows any member of your staff to speak to responsible parties about financial status. How about a quick look into specific transitions taken during a time period? Using the Integrated Accounting screen, you can select the information you want and get the information from the database.

  • A single ledger shows all patient and insurance information in one place.
  • Ledger allows the user to easily sort data and select specific transactions for unprecedented access to financial data.
  • Patient and Insurance Snapshots can give a quick overview of a patient’s finances.
  • All transactions can be sorted by date, office, patient, payment type, and other variables.
  • All transactions are tagged to the user for traceability.
  • Single screen adjustments allow the results to be seen before acceptance and printing.
  • Direct integration with OrthoBanc and other auto-pay systems.
  • Focus Ortho allows for multiple auto-pay accounts on a single patient.


  • Focus Payment Plan (FPP) is an automated payment plan that allows monthly billing of credit cards or bank accounts.
  • Robust integration with OrthoBanc that allows direct entry of OB accounts, syncing with existing accounts, nightly balance updates, and the ability to email payment receipts to patients.


  • Intuitive Accounting tab gives quick access to all financial information.
  • Create lists using a date range, user, transaction type, patient status, and other variables.
  • Focus Ortho allows users to create virtually any financial report using drop-down boxes.


  • Focus Ortho allows unlimited insurance companies attached to a single patient in your system.
  • A streamlined verification page allows you to easily verify insurance benefits.
  • Automatically inputs verified insurance information into the contract screen.
  • Focus Ortho’s easy one-screen insurance filing allows for more accurate and faster filing.
  • Insurance Continuation Claims are created once, and then automatically filed by Focus Ortho.


Focus Ortho has incredible flexibility—easily create standard, paid-in-full, or rollover contracts from a single screen. Create a contract for a consultation that can be activated when the patient decides to start treatment later.