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Focus Ortho streamlines your communication with your patients. Printed letter? E-mail? Text? It’s your choice. Numerous letter templates in the system can be printed or e-mailed to patients and responsible parties. The communication section keeps a log of each item sent. Each template can be saved as a note and/or attachment within the database for future reference. On-demand patient reminders can be sent as text messages or e-mails in order to reduce no-shows.


Focus Ortho features over 75 standard reports. Reports feature an interactive list mode that gives direct access to patient information. List mode even keeps track of which patients have been viewed for “working through” reports. No more looking at a printed report, highlighting names, and searching the system for the data. Focus Ortho handles it for you.


Focus Ortho features a built-in word processor that eliminates the need to purchase Microsoft Word. Using this powerful letter system, you can create templates for patient communication. Templates have access to all data stored in the database and can be printed or e-mailed directly to your patients. You even have the ability to edit any document prior to sending it without modifying the template. Any document that is sent, even if changes are made, is logged in the communications section and a PDF version is saved for later review.

Perform easy bulk communications using the mailing list feature. This feature allows you to search for a group of patients and then select a template to either e-mail or print.


Focus Ortho will save valuable staff time by automating certain tasks. Easily set up the software to automatically send email notifications, change patient statuses, and print letters. Letters can be sent to users, patients, responsible parties, or referring doctors. Set it up once and you are done.