focus ortho cutting edge technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

Focus Ortho was designed from the ground up to run in the cloud. There aren’t many other companies out there that can claim the same thing. Running from the Focus Ortho cloud gives you benefits like not having to maintain a local server as well as not having to create a backup process. It enables you to run in multiple offices simultaneously and access your data remotely. Focus Ortho is Windows based, however you can also run from Mac OSX using VMWare, Parallels, BootCamp, or RDP. If you are interested in running tablets from chairside then we recommend the Windows Surface Pro tablet.

Fast and Secure Patient Database

  • SQL Server Database is designed to work across internet connections
  • Focus Ortho handles multiple offices effortlessly
  • Secure transmission of HIPAA related information
  • Real time access to patient information and payments through the integrated web portal
  • Live updates to the program as they become available

Run on a PC, Mac, Tablet or RDP

  • Run on a PC, Mac OSX using VMware Fusion, Parallels or BootCamp (requires a licensed copy of Windows)
  • Run on a Windows Surface Pro tablet
  • Run via Remote Desktop from OSX or Windows (typically for slower connections)