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What makes us different?

To Focus Software, you’re more than just another customer. We know you want easy, efficient practice management software; and we promise…when you choose to work with us, we FOCUS on YOU.

Our dedicated team promises one-on-one customer service. Contact us today to schedule a live demonstration and experience the best in orthodontic practice management software.

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Focus Ortho features an interface that is truly amazing. Once a patient is selected, all their information is available from a single screen. From the open patient record, the bulk of your work can be accessed in two mouse clicks.

All historical data is displayed in dynamic, sortable lists that allow you to drill down to the data you are looking for. Data entry is the same on every screen, making it easy for users to learn to navigate the system quickly. Users can easily sort, group, add, or remove fields from their view to create a customized user experience.

software that works for you


Focus Ortho uses Automated Processes and Workflows to save your staff countless hours. With Automated Processes, you can set up the software to perform easy tasks, such as sending letters or changing patient statuses.

Focus Ortho brings the power to implement new processes in your practice by creating patient lists and guiding your staff through the entire process.

care free operation


Focus Ortho’s cloud-based system eliminates the need for local servers and costly network configurations. Automatic backups are performed at our SAS70 Type II data storage facility. Our networking experts have configured a system of redundancy and failover that will minimize downtime.

All upgrades to Focus Ortho are performed on our servers, so you can focus on your practice, not updating your administration software. This provides access to the latest version of the software with little or no effort from your staff.

integrated web portal and reminders


Since Focus Ortho is built to run via the internet, it seems obvious that it should take advantage of the available technology. We decided to integrate reminder and patient portal functions rather than making these separate, additional cost modules.

With this in mind, Focus Ortho features an integrated online patient portal. This portal gives your patients the ability to confirm appointments, view financial and appointment history, update their information, set up e-mail or text reminders, and even pay their bill online.

Both the web portal and Focus Ortho use the same database, making all data available in real-time. This eliminates unreliable daily syncing of databases between multiple systems.
digital and interactive reporting


In the past, armed with a highlighter, staff members would have to print reports, manually search for patients, and then cross the patient off when the work was complete. Today, Focus Ortho’s digital reports automatically generate an on-screen list that allows you to select patients. This eliminates hours of staff time searching for patients manually while working through monthly reports. The digital report screen even keeps track of which patients have been opened for greater ease of use.