focus ortho financials and accounting

Founded in 2008, Focus Software began the development of Focus Ortho immediately to address the need for robust, cloud based practice management software. Working in conjunction with a large managed group, Focus Ortho quickly grew to be a fully encompassing system that could work for practices of any size. Throughout the design process the focus was on functionality instead of just lumping in features. This is evident through the simplicity of the software while retaining the powerful functionality.

Focus Ortho went live in the first office in 2011. After a year of extensive testing and revision, it was introduced to 14 more offices a year later. That same year, at the NESO meeting in Boston, the program was released to the orthodontic market as a whole. Response to the program has been phenomenal! Practices running legacy versions are amazed at the simplicity and integrated features of the program. From its integrated patient portal to built-in e-mail and texting capabilities, Focus Ortho delivers.

Focus Software has assembled a team of industry veterans who provide extensive insight and knowledge to all their users.

Leadership Team

Loretta Fowler, Director of Finance & Administration

Charlie dunham, product manager

Denise Fosteson, Support manager